Welcome to the Age of Chaos Clan website

Age of Chaos is a Community of Gamers based in Australia and New Zealand. We have a purely social agenda and we play as a clan for fun and enjoyment of the game.

We have no minimum clan involvement expectations that way you can play when you want to.

We like to arrange gaming nights and have no specific night dedicated to any particular game. We announce these gaming nights via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AgeOfChaos) and using Steam community Events.

Age of Chaos has a Code of Conduct that everyone is requested follow. The Code is mainly common sense and helps resolve any conflict. We do not have an age limit but we value a certain level of maturity (Which may not be obvious at times). Although we are based in AUS/NZ we are happy to accept players from anywhere.

Age of Chaos has a free to use dedicated TeamSpeak Server to allow VoIP communication in games. We can also offer Qualified Technical support to those in need. Once a member of AoC the Teamspeak server is free to use for both Clan and personal Gaming applications (got a friend you want to play with, invite them to the TeamSpeak with no problems)

Age of Chaos owns two physical servers in a datacentre which gives us the ability to create ad-hoc dedicated servers for a number of games including: Minecraft, Terraria, 7 Days to Die, Space engineers, Team Fortress 2, Garrys mod, Primal carnage, StarMade and many many more.

We could list the all games we play, but it’s a very long list and who has that kind of time. If it’s on Steam or its multiplayer then AoC plays it.

2011. Age of Chaos Social Gaming Clan
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