We are a small community of gamers based in Australia and New-Zealand. Our goal is to provide members and guests with gaming services that are free of grief and drama with a focus on the enjoyment of playing with or against friends.

    Age of Chaos has a code of conduct that all members and guests are expected to adhere to. We do not have a minimum age but we do have we value a certain level of maturity. We accept members from all over the eastern hemisphere including Australia, New-Zealand, Mongolia and everywhere in between.

    Age of Chaos provides a free-to-use dedicated Ventrilo server for VOIP to be used while in game. Members are welcome to use it when just playing 1 on 1 or in a small group with other members and/or guests.

   Age of Chaos owns our server hardware and has the capacity to start running any dedicated server at no additional cost. Currently, Age of Chaos hosts full time Minecraft and Terraria servers as well as a number of on-demand servers including but not limited to TF2, G-mod, Primal Carnage, BF3, NMRH.